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Are You Ready to Own Your Health?

Will your FUTURE YOU thank you for the health choices you are making today?

If you're at the age 35 and over and .... 

  • you're struggling with your energy levels

  • your weight is stopping you from living your best life 

  • symptoms of chronic illness are starting to impact your enjoyment of life

  • You're not able to play with your children/grandchildren

  • worried about heart attack, stroke, arthritis, dementia, diabetes …….. 

  • Then you're going to want to join this 75 minute Masterclass to .....

    Discover 3 critical steps you must know to get you feeling your best NOW

    and protect your FUTURE YOU !! 

    In this Masterclass you will Learn.....

  • To eat what you like but avoid piling on the weight

  • 3 simple changes to increase your energy levels, reduce symptoms of chronic illness & feel better

  • 2 strategies to help improve your sleep quality – sleep longer, have deeper sleep and wake up refreshed


  • Reduce your risk of diabetes by up to 40%

  •  Reduce risk of cancer by up to 75%

  • Reduce your risk of dementia

  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, hypertension and stroke

  • Increase your healthy life expectancy …… live longer in better health

  • IMAGINE ..... 

  • You wake up every day refreshed and ready to face the world 

  • Are pain free and able to enjoy your activities to the max.  

  • Are able to get to and maintain your ideal weight  

  • You have the energy to enjoy life !! 

  • It’s time to become the BOSS of your health!!!

    About Dr Trevor Killeen


    Dr Trevor Killeen is a General Practitioner in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has special interests in aesthetics, lifestyle, holistic & longevity medicine, mental health and weight management.  

    However it is his personal journey and experience of having chronic long term health conditions that has inspired his journey to look at ways to reduce symptoms and impact of chronic health conditions through lifestyle changes. He recognises that everyones health journey is different and he strives to help people live longer in better health -  empowering the individual to take control of their health

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